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Magic Pop
We are presenting the newest Magic POP which is good for advertising and POP for all kind of shops. Advertising tube banner can be up and down automatically with air blowing system by high-tech mechanism.

There are two sections for Magic Pop.
One part is motor unit (Bottom Side) / The other part is head unit ( Polyester  + Spring part to move the air-blowing airpop up and down ). 
The life time of motor unit is at least 1 year
However The head unit is consumable . Normally the head unit life time is around 4-6 months when it runs 12 hours a day. Because of spring worn-out due to moving up and down repeatly. However you can also replace just a new spring onto the head unit to re-use.

Duration ( Warranty )

1) Head Unit
Life time : Normally 4-6 months
Warranty : 3 months ( When it runs 12 hours a day. )

2) Motor Unit
Life time : Normally 12 months or more
Warranty : 6 months
Download Movie File
Magic Pop (280k)


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